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Sunday January 15, 7:30pm


The Owl Flies at Twilight
at Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY

For the 10th and final event of  ?Dreamlands: Expanded ?, a series of expanded cinema events organized by Microscope in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art as part of the exhibition  ?Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016 ?, we are thrilled to present a new multi-projection and sound performance The Owl Flies at Twilight composed by the Optipus collective & orchestra in its largest configuration to date featuring 28 artists.

With Bradley Eros, Lary Seven, Katherine Bauer, Rachael Guma, Genevieve H-K, Kenneth Zoran Curwood, Joel Schlemowitz, Tim Geraghty, Sarah Halpern, Simon Liu, Alison Nguyen, Lily Jue Sheng, Antonia Kuo, Gill Arno, Scott Kiernan, Shona Masarin & Andrew Hurst, Michael Evans, Victoria Keddie, Richard Sylvarnes, Gabriel Guma, Rachelle Rahme, Zach Layton, Laura Ortman, David Grollman, Kevin Shea, Jake Naussbaum, Rachael Guma.

Optipus is a nomadic group of chameleon artists, cine-scientists in search of a laboratory, shape-shifting according to site-specific requirements. The group embraces the ephemeral cinema of unfixed forms and open composition. Optipus s members emerge in myriad collaborations, producing works and events, soundtracks and invented instruments, video edits and film loops, and expanded cinema and immersive installations. Optipus has been previously seen at various venues including The Kitchen, Anthology Film Archives, Participant Inc., New York University, Microscope Gallery, Bobby Redd Project Space (The Church), Millennium Film Workshop and others.

General admission $15 Students & Members $10


2017 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image
Spool Mfg., Johnson City, NY
Oct. 20 & 21, 2017
Friday 10/14/2016

Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image was established in 2013. It celebrates the cutting edge art of the moving image through screenings, exhibitions, performances, and other festival events, providing a cultural experience that enriches the local community. The Festival works as a venue to meet artists in this region and beyond, exchanging and sharing ideas, while developing mutual relationship.

Festival Directors
David Chirico
Melissa Mischke

Festival Curators
Alyssa Micha
Brian Murphy
Tomonari Nishikawa

Festival Coordinator
Riley Greenspan
Ruizi Yang


This is an extravaganza. I will be showing my own films, a collaboration with Bradley Eros, collaborations with Enkidu rankX and Klaus Killisch under the moniker Kaisar, and performing with the Underworld Oscillator Corporation.


The UOC scored the soundtrack to the original silent movie The Phantom of the Opera. This premiered at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn. We blended traditional instruments, such as the piano, with amplified springs, theremin, and chains.


I will be in london to present Here Comes Everybody at The Horse Hospital on Sunday, April 17th @ 7:00pm. This is also a benefit for The Horse Hospital one of the premier institutions for avant interesting work done today. I will also be showing a new work. A short made for the band King Crimson called Fracture. To all those concerned - it will be played loud.



The Owl of Minerva & other works by the expanded cinema group OPTIPUS
with live soundtracks by Underworld Oscillator Corporation
& Zero Times Everything

@ Theatre 80, 80 St. Marks Place, on Sunday, Sept 20 @ 7:30 pm

The Owl of Minerva is dedicated to the Death of Kodachrome film
and other obsolete technologies of analog media: glass slides, regular, super 8 & 16mm film,
35mm slides, vinyl, foley, and modular synths.

The evening also inludes a new trilogy of astronomical video works by Bradley Eros and Richard Sylvarnes
called "Ex-nombreux films de l'espace extra-stmosphérique"




Last events of our 10 year anniversary series...


The seeds of Secret Project Robot were planted in 1998 when a group of friends started throwing parties together in a 2nd story loft in Williamsburg called

Mighty Robot...

The concept was simple great bands provided by the twisted ones, John Fitzgerald aka Fitz and Artur Arbit with Visuals being supplied by mighty robot a/v squad   Erik Z, Etain Fitzpatrick, Brock Monroe and the moral support of Doug Roussin.

 In 2004 the concept of Mighty Robot evolved and we started to put together art installations and shows at a new home on Kent Ave with the moniker

Secret Project Robot.

Finding ourselves for seven years along the Williamsburg waterfront in the Monster Island building we proudly hosted events that fostered a generation of artists from Chris Uphues, Cameron Michel, Eli Lehrhoff, Sto Len, Maya Hayuk and Raul De Nieves to White Magic, Black Dice, Barry London, Ex Models and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. We had the honor of working with amazing promoters from New York Night Train's Jonathon Toubin and Vashti Windish to the Era of Witch house started by Todd Pendu and Pendu Disco.

When in 2011 we moved to Bushwick we were overwhelmed by the next generation of artists,party makers and musicians that continued to desire and find a home at  Secret Project Robot.

Throughout the last 10 years Secret Project Robot has survived the ever-evolving artistic-socio-economic landscape of New York City to emerge stronger and more supportive of our creative community than ever. The ten-year anniversary is a chance for us to look backward but also forward to creating the world that we want to live in-- together.




Fleeting visual wonders in the yard by:

Bradley Eros
Chris Penalosa + Sean Julian’s  Modular Slideshow
Zach Layton
Richard Sylvarnes
Clockface Orange: Rachael Guma, Gabriel Guma + Genevieve Havemeyer-King
Brock Monroe


JUNE 29th (Monday) @ 8:00 pm:

Book Films: Experimental works inspired by literature

with Catherine Corman, Bradley Eros, Joel Schlemowitz,  Richard Sylvarnes, Jeanne Liotta, Peggy Ahwesh, Abigail Child, Sheri Wills, Stephanie Gray, Fred Barney Taylor, Raúl Ruiz.       

Curated by CC & BE @ Brazenhead Bookstore, Manhattan.  <> Free  + Reception

 Brazenhead Books is on the upper East side:

Brazenhead ~ "the secret speakeasy bookstore" 

235 East 84th Street, #7 (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)

~ step inside the glass door to the street (it will be open / unlocked)
~ buzz #7 (& wait to be buzzed in)
~ go thru the door & up the stairs to the 2nd floor
~ find apartment #7 & JUST GO IN (don't bother knocking)
~ It doesn't look like a bookstore, just an apartment building.
~ & once you're buzzed in & upstairs, don't ask or knock,
You'll be welcomed.


On November 19 2014 Zero Times Everything will perform with Optipus at the next FMC Benefit. As Richard Sylvarnes says, "if in the next decade you are only able to see one event this is the one". With a lineup that includes Philip Glass, Bill Morrison, JG Thirlwell and artists that define downtown cool he may be right.

Luxe Aeterna with Darkness Deluxe - the Apocalypse of Ecstasy (21, 2014) by Zero Times Everything & Optipus.
  "...Apocalyptic themes enfolded from industry to sci-fi, material collapse & psychic disintegration, crystallized decay and the terrors & pleasures of obsolete technologies crumbling before your eyes..." Optipus, using myriad analog & digital apparatuses in layered disarray, responds to the excess & ecstasy of ZXE's swirling and pulsing sonic composition, from doomsday predictions to the lighthouse voice that rises as a beacon."

expanded cinema (films, slides, overhead) by Optipus 
featuring Katherine Bauer, Bradley Eros, Sarah Halpern, Lary Seven & Joel Schlemowitz.
with music by Zero Times Everything 
featuring Pietro Russino, Tony Geballe, Richard Sylvarnes, + Rachael Guma (of Optipus) and special guest Patricia Sullivan.


Zero Times Everything performed under the Manhattan Bridge - on the Brooklyn side - on Thursday November 6th, 2014 at 6:30pm to a synchronized laser light show designed by Howard Ungerlieder and Scott Wilson for the New York Festival of Light. After their performance a song they wrote specifically for the festival played every 15 minutes in the archway under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo to separate but equally extraordinary laser shows. Information:


The Hudson Music Festival and BCB ART Gallery collaborated with a special performance by Zero Times Everything to accompany a selection of Richard Sylvarnes' short films on Saturday, August 9th 2014 at 3:00pm at the BCB ART gallery.


Zero Times Everything performed the music for the New York Festival of Light to a specially designed light show in the gardens on Elizabeth Street in downtown Manhattan.


Emerson Gallery Berlin September 27, 2013
To help commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the Emerson Gallery Berlin, Richard Sylvarnes showed a selection of short films with musical accompaniment by Klaus Killisch, Enkidu rankX, and Richard. See the gallery website for details at

Klaus Killisch, Enkidu rankX, Richard Sylvarnes

Heads Will Roll rehearsal

Photographs by Sulamith Sallmann


I am very excited to be participating in a group show hosted by the Microscope Gallery on Thursday August 1, 2013. I will show the recently completed The 10 Most Popular Ways The World Will End (Accordnig To Really Smart People).

© image Microscope Gallery

now what #2


film, video, new media, & live moving image performances 

presented by Microscope Gallery

"now what" returns for its second installment on August 1st, again with 3 screening programs and 5 moving images performances curated from an international open call. Expect new and recent works from established to emerging artists from Bushwick to Indonesia, working with Super 8mm or 16mm film, digital video, video games, appropriated footage (from Youtube, Google & other sources), music video, performance and more. The night also features a handful of live media and film performances, including multi-screen, double 16mm projections, glitch and interactive works.

Admission is good for any or all 3 programs.

Part One: 7:20PM
Part Two: 8:45PM
Part Three: 10:00PM

w/ works by:
Filipe Afonso // Sandra Araujo // Rachelle Beaudoin // Jason Robert Bell // Molly Bradbury // Byron Chan // Scott Cramer // Clint Enns // Angela Ferraiolo // Melissa Fielding // Scott Fitzpatrick // LJ Frezza // Jeymer Gamboa // Tim Geraghty // Rocky Horton // Jonathan Johnson // Ted Kennedy // Cory Kram // Jonas Lozouraitis // kevvy metal // Jolene Mok // Jeremy Moss // Ellen Mueller // Zach Nader // Kristin Reeves // Liz Roberts // Richard Sylvarnes // Matt Town // Laura Trager // Douglas Urbank // Video Club // John Wilson // Stephanie Wuertz // The Youngrrr // Xiaowen Zhu

Jeymer Gamboa / Kristin Reeves / Liz Roberts / Rachelle Beaudoin / kevvy metal / Douglas Urbank / Cory Kram / Byron Chan / Xiaowen Zhu / Rocky Horton / Jeremy Moss / Stephanie Wuertz / Clint Enns
Performance:  Erica Magrey

Scott Fitzpatrick / Molly Bradbury / Video Club / LJ Frezza / Jonathan Johnson / Jason Robert Bell / Sandra Araujo / Angela Ferraiolo / The Youngrrr / Zach Nader / Matt Town
Performance:  Kristin Lucas / Jeanne Liotta

Ted Kennedy / Jolene Mok / Laura Trager / John Wilson / Ellen Mueller / Jonas Lozoraitis / Tim Geraghty / Melissa Fielding / Scott Cramer / Filipe Afonso / Richard Sylvarnes
Performance:  Jeff Donaldson / Bradley Eros

now what #2 is a project curated by Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti and based on an international open call
and with the help of: Lexie Stoia, Matthew Town, Courtney Megan Treglia, Yelena Milskaya, Running Rebel Studios
Thanks to all the artists who submitted their work to now what.


I've been invited by Executive Director MM Serra to discuss my work at The Film-Makers Cooperative. I look forward to explicate the oeuvre.

The Odinist, Part 1 The Films of Richard Sylvarnes - Director in Person!
The Odinist, Part 1
The Films of Richard Sylvarnes - Director in Person!
Richard will show a selection of his short films, excerpts of his features, and a few "works-in-progress" and talk about his methodology and reveal his thought process behind these works. Possible films to be shown are:
H.C.E. (feature - excerpt)
The Cloud of Unknowing (feature - excerpt)
The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (feature - excerpt)
Memory of the Human Race (feature work-in-progress - excerpt)
Abstract Method Error (work-in-progress)
Abandoned Cities (short)
Apollo Lunaire (short)
The Imperial Animal (short0
Chaos Girls (short)
A Doll's House (short)
As The Sun Slowly Burns Away (short)
Extricate (short)
Richard Sylvarnes is a filmmaker, photographer, and sound artist. His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and festivals around the world. In 2009 he received a Creative Capital Grant and in 2008 he was nominated for a Rockefeller Renew Media Fellowship. His first feature premiered in the International Dramatic Feature Competition at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 continuing on in festivals throughout Asia and Europe and was released by Possible Films in 2004. H.C.E., his second feature, also premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in the NYNY Narrative Competition. Richard recently premiered his third feature The Last Words of Dutch Schultz at the Microscope Gallery with live music accompaniment by the band Zero Times Everything. He has collaborated numerous times with four-time Bessie Award winning choreographer David Neumann, with their most recent work premiering at the Kitchen in 2010. He has been diversely commissioned to make music videos for the likes of the band Interpol to videos for fashion designer Miho Miho to directing a pilot for Brazilian television. Richard has also worked extensively in the independent film world as a production designer, cinematographer, editor, art director, and stills photographer. He holds a Degree in Photography from The Rochester Institute of Technology and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University.

Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:30pm – 9:30pm Eastern Time
475 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor


Essential Repertoire: John Cage & Lejaren Hiller, HPSCHD

3 May 2013 - 4 May 2013

Fri, May 3, 2013, 5-10PM / Sat, May 4, 2013, 1-6PM

Cost: $15

Venue: Eyebeam

HPSCHDJohn Cage’s legendary Gesamtkunstwerk is a mass media orgy, considered by many as the wildest, largest, and loudest musical composition of the 20th century, its very nature inextricable from the tumult of the year it premiered, 1969. ISSUE Project Room presents this spectacle on May 3rd and 4th in collaboration with Electronic Music Foundation and Eyebeam Art amd Technology Center, as part of the 2013 Darmstadt Essential Repertoire series, with additional support from NYU-Poly. This new production features composer Joel Chadabe, who has directed performances of HPSCHD throughout the world, as artistic advisor. Keyboardist Neely Bruce, who performed at the 1969 premiere, plays in the harpsichord ensemble. Artist Bradley Eros directs the interpretation of the visual score, and curates projections from an extensive body of film and video artists.

Performances take place at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center on Friday, May 3 from 5pm to 10pm and on Saturday, May 4 from 1pm until 6pm. The audience is invited to arrive and leave at any time during the performance and refreshments are available courtesy of Cloud Coffee. Kayrock will be screenprinting Tshirts live based on the original HPSCHD design by Gary Viskupic (1969).

A collaboration between Cage and the electronic composer Lejaren HillerHPSCHD is known for being Cage’s first and most significant foray into utilizing the computer to execute the chance operations of the I-Ching. The inspiration for the piece came from a commission for harpsichord, an instrument disliked by Cage. Starting with material from Mozart’s Dice Game, Cage and Hiller plucked from virtuosic repertory by Beethoven, Gottschalk, and Busoni (among others). Hiller’s programs in the FORTRAN computer language, named ICHING, DICEGAME, and HPSCHD reshaped this material for the scores. Hiller also produced multiple tapes of microtonal electronic sounds to be played simultaneously with the harpsichords. The event premiered in May of 1969 at the University of Illinois’s Assembly Hall, within a visual environment of hundreds of projected images and films, many supplied by NASA. Thousands came to experience the event. In retrospect, HPSCHD can be described as Cage’s prescient response to Marshall McCluhan, Happenings, the moon landing, the history of Western Classical music, hippy utopianism, Buckminster Fuller, and perhaps even a prediction of the computer age and its effects on human consciousness. Presented on the heels of the Cage centenary, Darmstadt’s presentation of HPSCHD offers a 21st century audience the opportunity to reflect on how this totality of ideas has transformed in the 44 years since its inception.

Bradley Eros has curated an exhaustive group of New York's most active and accomplished live cinema artists to create the visual environment for the HPSCHD performance. A diversity of approaches is represented - from film manipulation and digital video to light sculpture and hand painted slides.

VIsualists: Lea Bertucci, Elle Burchill & Andrea Monti, Maria Chavez, Chika, Lili Chin, Peter Cramer & Jack Waters, Kenny Curwood, Zac Dempster & Wendell Seitz, Thomas Dexter & Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Luke Dubois, Bradley Eros, Lorenzo Gattorna, Tim Geraghty, Stephanie Gray, Rachael Guma, Sarah Halpern, Genevieve Havemeyer-King, Jay Hudson, Victoria Keddie & Scott Kiernan, Andrew Lampert, Zach Layton, Josh Lewis, Katherine Liberovskaya, Shona Masarin, Brock Monroe, Mike Olshan, Rachelle Rahme, Ursula Scherrer, Joel Schlemowitz, Lary Seven, Jessie Stead, Richard Sylvarnes, Keiko Uenishi, Matt Wellins, Joshua White & Briged Smith, Tim White, Dan Winckler, Stephanie Wuertz, Erik Z (Lineup subject to change).

Sound Design: Daniel Neumann

Installation Design: Brock Monroe and Joshua White (Joshua Light Show)

Darmstadt "Classics of the Avant Garde" is the music series led by composers Nick Hallett and Zach Layton since 2004, a program of ISSUE Project Room. Essential Repertoire serves to present dynamic interpretations of rarely performed masterpieces from the canon of experimental music.

Founded in 2003, ISSUE Project Room is a pioneering nonprofit performance center, presenting projects by more than 200 interdisciplinary artists each year that expand the boundaries of artistic practice and stimulate critical dialogue in the broader community. By facilitating the commission and premiere of more than 25 innovative new works each year, ISSUE performs an essential research and development function that stimulates a constant influx of ideas into the local, national, and international creative landscape.

Image from the performance.



APRIL 10, 2013 The Last Words of Dutch Schultz - a film by Richard Sylvarnes with live musical accompaniment by the band Zerø Times Everything.

Come join us for a unique event of film with a live musical score by Zero Times Everything. The Last Words of Dutch Schultz is a feature film based on the delirious death-bed ramblings of the gangster who died following a shooting in Newark, NJ in 1935. The film incorporates found footage including travelogues, FBI training films, silent-era films, newsreels, commercials, and more and features the actor, filmmaker and playwright DJ Mendel and NY Mets broadcaster Alex Anthony.

Zerø Times Everything is Pietro Russino on Electric and Loop Guitar, Tony Geballe on Electric Guitar, and Richard Sylvarnes on Synthesizer, Kaoss Pads, and Possible Guitar.

Anthology Film Archives - Courthouse Theater
32 Second Avenue, NYC, 10003

Advanced Will-Call Tickets available at or at Anthology's Box Office

ZXE website:


MARCH 27, 2013 Zerø X Everything will play live to to my film Vox Populi. This is a serious 16 minute workout on two guitars, synths, Chaos Pads, and Rhythm Beds. Not to be missed. Go to for a preview. It's an incredible line up of artists that we are proud to be a part of. This is a benefit for a great organization and needs our collective support. Many thanks to MM Serra and Anne Hanavan for producing this event and all the artists involved.


I am extremely excited to be premiering The Last Words of Dutch Schultz at the Microscope Gallery with a live music accompaniment by Zero Times Everything. Many thanks to Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti. I can't think of a better place to premier this work than their gallery in Brooklyn.

Saturday February 9, 7pm
Videos by Richard Sylvarnes
with live soundtrack by Zero Times Everything (ZXE)
(Pietro Russino, Tony Geballe, & Richard Sylvarnes)
Admission $6

Still from The Last Words of Dutch Schultz  © 2013 courtesy of Richard Sylvarnes

Microscope Gallery is pleased to present an evening of video works by Brooklyn-based artist Richard Sylvarnes including the world premiere of The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, a 65-minute feature based on the delirious, death-bed ramblings of the gangster, who died following a shooting in Newark, NJ in 1935. The video incorporates found footage including travelogues, FBI training films, silent-era films, newsreels, commercials, and more and features the actor, filmmaker and playwright DJ Mendel and NY Mets broadcaster Alex Anthony. Two recent short videos by Sylvarnes will precede the feature.

The night also marks the debut of Zero Times Everything (Pietro Russino, electric guitar & loops; Tony Geballe, guitar; and Richard Sylvarnes, loops, synthesizer, and possible electric guitar). The group will provide live soundtracks to all three video works.

PROGRAM (approximately 80 minutes)

Disney’s Dream Debased, Digital Video, Color, 6 minutes, 2010
This particular landscape was shot over the course of several hours then condensed and manipulated into six minutes. Light and its variation is the theme of this work.

As The Sun Slowly Burns Away, Digital Video, Color, 8 Minutes, 2012
A mini metaphysical meditation on humankind’s position in the greater cosmos. The work includes several layers of animation and incorporates the infamous YouTube video of an inebriated David Hasselhof videotaped and interrogated by his daughter. The pain inherent within his daughter’s taping is brought to perspective against an impressionist – some may say callous – universe.

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, Digital Video, Color and B&W, 65 Minutes, 2013
On October 23, 1935 the notorious gangster Dutch Schultz was shot in the Palace Chop House in Newark, New Jersey as he was trying to rebuild his crumbling empire. Once at the hospital he developed a 106 degree temperature and was given morphine to soothe the pain. Shortly afterwards, he became delirious, his mind untethered and unleashed itself into a stream of consciousness. Even in his present condition the police continued to question him as to the identity of his assailants. A stenographer was called in and took verbatim all Dutch said before he slipped into a coma and died. This incredible document was published in the newspapers the next day. This film takes the transcripts in their entirety and using found footage – everything from 1930’s travelogues, FBI training films, silents, newsreels, television serials, pre-code films, to golden age 1930 era Hollywood films – explores the underlying meaning of the text and examines the rich complexity of inner life in the face of death and the complex nature of unconditional love. Ping-ponging through time and space Dutch’s ramblings are at times poetic, at times historic and personal, but as it nears the end it shows him receding back into childhood into the protection of his mother


EMPIRE will be shown. Featuring Special Curators Colleen Fitzgibbon and Donna Cameron


SUN JUNE 3, 7:30 – 11 PM 2012

Holy BOS! Films & Videos for Holy Bos! Festival curated by Microscope Gallery at Bobby Redd Project Space – The Church 626 Bushwick Avenue (at Jefferson) Brooklyn, NY 11221 Admission $5, ticket valid for all 3 programs

In connection with the Holy BOS! Festival - which runs FRI - SUNDAY - at the Bobby Redd Project Space (The Church), Microscope Gallery presents the closing event - a night of film, video and live visual performance. The evening starts with "Bushwick Visions", two curated programs of innovative films and videos by Bushwick artists, followed by {AEIOU} An Eye Is (an) Organ Unleashed, multi-projector and sound performance organized by artists Bradley Eros & Lary Seven and musicians Kenny Wollesen & Dalius Naujo.


Microscope Gallery presents two programs of short films and videos from Bushwick area artists selected through an Open Call. Featuring animation, music video, performance, documentary, experimental, appropriate footage, hand-made film, cell phone works and more.

Participating artists: Amy J. Boyd, Katie Cercone, Thomas Dexter, Christopher Gorski, Ellie Irons, Gautam Kansara, Joyce Lainé, Jonas Lozoraitis & Denisas Kolomickis, Mariana Luna, Eric Mann, Mitch McCann, Hyatt Michaels, Jonathan Monaghan, Megan Moncrief, Mitch Moore, Hiroshi Shafer, Christy Shigekawa, Richard Sylvarnes, Henry G. Sanchez, Laura Trager, Cat Tyc, T.R. Pickerill, Melissa Skluzacek, James Woodward, Sean Wrenn, and Stephanie Wuertz.

{AEIOU} An Eye Is (an) Organ Unleashed, 10-11PM

SEARCH & ENJOY perform AEIOU: An Ear Is (an) Organ Unleashed

An amateur choir with small ensemble of vibes, drums, percussion, horns & glass harmonica plus foley, oscillators, and pipe organ perform with live film & video projection performances. Conduction by Kenny Wollesen & Dalius Naujo Magnetized by Bradley Eros. Sound & Visuals by Lary Seven, Amanda Long, Rachael Guma, Kenny Curwood, Natas, Sarah Halpern, Katherine Bauer, Rachelle Rahme, Bradley Eros, Dalius Naujo, Kenny Wollesen, and the voices of many. The "choir book" consists of songs by many great New York-based composers (Dalius Naujo, Sandra Koponen, John Zorn, Jesse Harris and more), some folk songs, a few covers and some joyful conduction.

nearest subway: J/M/Z - Myrtle/Broadway other options: L - Morgan Ave or Jefferson Street B54 - Myrtle/Willoughby stop


You may purchase tickets at the door or on the Holy Bos! website Holy Bos! Festival:


Wholly Other Video Salon

(Art) Amalgamated is pleased to present a special evening of short conceptual film screenings in the backyard garden. The evening will feature films by Andrew Huang, Noemie Lefrance, Konstantinos Menelaou, Richard Sylvarnes, and others tba.  Additionally, there will be a sneak peek of Taxiplasm's film As Above, So Below.

The film selection has been curated by Brian Gonzalez and is themed loosely around Jaques Derrida’s concept of the “Wholly Other.”

Screening attendance is free and open to the public.

315 10th Ave, New York 10001(courtyard of Gastro Market, two doors left of (Art) Amalgamated gallery)


BIG EATER @ The Kitchen

It's going to be a night of fleas, bedbugs, and mosquitos.

March 4-7 and 10-13, 2010


This is the Creative Capital project that David Neumann and I have been working on for the past year.


Chaos Girls, the video I made for the band Sylvarluxe, will show in St Petersburg, Russia, as part of the Museek Festival. A great festival! It runs from 14-23 of November, 2008. For times and listings go here


A drawing of mine was selected by the Gallery Blütenweiss to be a participant in the next Anonyme Zeichner Exhibition taking place in Berlin.

bluetenweiss proudly presents:
opening: 3/04/2008, 7pm
opening hours: 1 - 8 pm
sunday 6/04, 6pm

Christinenstrasse 18 - 19
Haus 5 / Pfefferberg
10119 Berlin

Still Life with Tank is the selected drawing for the exhibition.


The Imperial Animal is playing from May 30 to June 3 2007 in the gallery at St. Anns's Warehouse in Brooklyn for the 10th Anniversary of Labapalooza.


Sylvarluxe remixed a version of Help Me Somebody from the pivotal album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts from David Byrne and Brian Eno. The remix is titled Sylvarghost. It is on their website for the album and as of this writing is one of the top twenty picks. So, we here at Skrymir are still celebrating. It is a wonderful site that is full of great music and remixes and certainly worth a deep investigation especially if you are as fond of Byrne and Eno's work as we are.


H.C.E., Richard Sylvarnes' second feature film, premieres at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

Sylvarluxe just released its second album - the soundtrack for H.C.E. on the Skrymir Music Label. This music accompanies the experimental film with texts from Kafka, H.P. Lovecraft, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and many more. So go out and help support truly independant work. The cd can be purchased at

Viva is officially released on the Skrymir Music Label. This is Sylvarluxe's first album. The cd is also available on This much anticipated release features twelve majestic songs and has been described as truly cosmopolitan music.

Dancing Man, a collaboration with artist John Torreano, premiered this past fall at the Thessaloniki Film Festical in Greece.

Landscape After The Battle, the short film for the NYC band Interpol for their release of Antics, is playing in NYC, LA, Paris, Berlin, and London.