richard sylvarnes


Selected Exhibitions, Screenings and Performances

Sonic Cinema Ercole, New York, NY
The Owl Flies At Midnight "Dreamlands Expanded": part of the Whitney Museum of American Art's exhibition"Dreamlands:Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016", Knockdown Art Center, Queens, NY

Cat On A Cool Metal Ceiling: Multi Media Event Kilroy Metal Ceiling, Brooklyn, NY
Phantom Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn, NY
Here Comes Everybody The Horse Hospital, London, England
Mythos of the Machine Dreams Dreaming Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

Live Film Sound Tracks Santos Party House, New York, NY
The Owl of Minerva Theater 80 St. Marks, New York, NY
Magic Space Majik Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
Book Films - Experimental Works Inspired by Literature Brazenhead, New York, NY
Valkyrie Octopus with Joana Vosconcelos, Grande Praca, MGM Macau, China

Sound Image Light Santos Party House, New York, NY
NY Festival of Light Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn, NY
Accident And Other Films BCB Art Gallery, Hudson, NY

NY Festival of Light Elizabeth Street Gardens, New York, NY
Heads Will Roll Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Now What #2 Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Odinist, Part 1: Retrospective Film-Makers Cooperative, New York, NY
HPSCHD Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, New York, NY
The Last Words of Dutch Schultz Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY
Don’t Let Satan Draw You Too Fast Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Group Show Curated by Coleen Fitzgibbon, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY
Holy Bos Curated by Elle Burchill & Andrea Monti, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Wholly Other Curated by Brian Gonzalez, (Art) Amalgamated, New York, NY
Group Show Participant, New York, NY
Big Eater Collaboration with David Neumann, The Kitchen, New York, NY

Chaos Girls Museek Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
Anonyme Zeichner Gallery Blütenweiss, Berlin, Germany

Perpetual Art Machine Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
The Imperial Animal St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

H.C.E. Tribeca Film Festival, NY Feature Narrative Competition, New York, NY

Dancing Man Tessaloniki Film Festival, Tessaloniki, Greece
Light-Water-Sound-Heat Lincoln Center, New York, NY
H.C.E. Special Screening Pioneer Theater, New York, NY

Group Show Interpol Space, New York, NY
Group Show Galerie Tristesse, Berlin, Germany
Group Show The Ragged School, London, England
Vox Populi Dance Camera West, Los Angeles, CA
The Cloud of Unknowing Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY
Group Show Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Group Show Agnes B., Galleria du Jour, Paris, France
The Cloud of Unknowing Pioneer Teater New York, NY

Video The Tank Space, New York, NY
Vox Populi
Thessaloniki Film Festival, Tessaloniki, Greece
Abandoned Cities The Tank Space, New York, NY
The Cloud of Unknowing:
Taipei Art and Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Bangkok International Film Festival Bangkok, Thailand
Jeonju International Film Festival Jeonju, South Korea
Raindance International Film Festival, London, England
Columbia Film Festival, Chatham, NY

The Cloud of Unknowing Tribeca Film Festival Dramatic Feature Film Competition. New York, NY

Extricate The Screening Room, New York, NY.
Insight Out Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ

Selections Seton Hall University, Newark, NJ.
20th Anniversary Exhibit City Without Walls, Newark, NJ

Visions of Angels Nancy Driscoll Gallery, New York, NY

Aiming The Shooting Gallery, New York, NY.
Exploring the Corners Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY

Robert Fripp and The League of Crafty Guitarists St. Ann’s Church, Brooklyn, NY.

The Dark Sublime Scott Alan Gallery, New York, NY

Annual Show Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, NY
Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
X-Rated Neikug Gallery, New York, NY

Phantom with Live Score Time Out, April 25, 2016
2016 Excellence Awards MGM Macau Live Design, Ira Levy, March 25, 2016
The Owl of Minerva and Other Works Experimental Cinema Marcos Ortega, September 12, 2015
Valkyrie Octopus Delightfull EU Alexandra Pinto Fula, March 12, 2015
NY Festival of Light a Hit in Dumbo ET Now, December 2, 2014
Ellen’s Picks Art In Hudson Karen Davis, August 6, 2014
Zero Times Everything IMBY Chad Weckler, July 24, 2014
Galerie Profil Emerson Gallery Berlin Russell Radzinski, December 04, 2013
Koosil-ja and David Neumann Think We’re As Smart As They Are Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice, March 9, 2010
Big Eater Time Out, Helen Shaw, March 8, 2010
2009 Awards New England Foundation For The Arts, Rebecca Blunk, August 2009
Perpetual Art Machine Roundtable Rhizome Digest, Lee Wells, September 5, 2007
Video Art in the Age of the Internet Art Daily, Chris Borkowski September 5, 2007
Mantaro Diary Le Journal de Menthe L’eau, Menthalo, May 5, 2006
2006 Tribeca Film Festival Indie Wire, Eugene Hernandez, March 6, 2006
“NY, NY” Competition Highlights the Best Films Downtown Express, Steven Snyder, April 21, 2006
Experimental, Downtown, and Underground Films at TFF Hi Beam, Jon Gartenburg, April, 26. 2006
Tribeca Film Festival Catalog, May 2006
In Conversation Ray Privett Interview, New York, NY, October 2005.
The Thessalonoki Film Festival, Festival Catalogue pg.124 2005
New To Us CMJ Alert Issue 885, Greg Burgett, October 11, 2004
Interpol Art Gothamist, Jen Carlson September 8, 2004
New This Week New York Magazine Sept. 2004.
Interpol Antics Matador, September 19, 2004
Feeling the Link to the Spiritual Unknowing Anita Gates New York Times Sept. 2004.
Movie: Guide David Serritt Christian Science Monitor October 2004.
Haunting Indie V.A. Musetto New York Post October 2004.
From Beyond Maitland McDonagh T.V. Guide Online October 2004.
Jeonju International Film Festival, Festival Catalogue pg.54 2003.
Raindance International Festival. Festival Catalogue pg.79 2003.
Fab Five Joe Maggio Sundance Channel April 8, 2002.
Competition Highlights Brandon Judell Indiewire May 11, 2002.
The First Tribeca Film Festival Tony Zaza New York City Arts Magazine May 29 2002.
Life is a Festival Gill Jawetz Cinema Gotham May 27, 2002.
The Cloud of Unknowing Ronnie Schieb Variety May 13, 2002.
Tribeca Film Festival Festival Catalogue, May 2002 pg.125
20th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue City Without Walls, 1995.
Turnstile Magazine Vol.II No. 2 pgs. 67-70 Turnstile Press 1990
Arts and Leisure Guide New York Times September 24th 1989.
The Dark Sublime Catalogue essay by Curator Suzanne Boettger 1989

Grants and Awards
2009 Creative Capital Grant
2008 Nominated for a Rockefeller New Media Award

Lectures, Work Shops, Panels
DSLR Cinematography The Film-makers Cooperative New York, NY. 2016
Debut Films: Making The Leap Curzon Theater, London, England. 2003
The Digital Toolkit: Where Science Meets The Creative Process of Filmmaking Film Columbia, Chatham NY 2003
Designing In Space The Harvard School of Visual and Environmental Studios, Cambridge, Mass. 2002
Optics And The Lens Media Craft New York, NY. 1999

Selected Published Work
The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Random House, Verso Books, Grove Press, Scribner, American Museum of the
Moving Image, Faber & Faber, MGM/UA, ID Magazine, Simon & Schuster, Black Book Magazine, Pantheon Books,
Salzburg Festspiel, BMG.

Related Professional Work
Production Designer Ned Rifle Fortissimo Films 2014
Production Designer Meanwhile Possible Films 2010
Production Designer Fay Grim HD Net Films 2006
Production Designer The Girl From Monday Possible Films 2005
Still Photographer Speak Showtime Networks 2004
Cinematographer/Editor Upon Reflection Possible Films 2004
Still Photographer No Such Thing MGM/UA 2001
Cinematographer The New Math(s) BBC Production 2000
Art Director Kimono True Fiction Pictures 1999
Still Photographer Henry Fool Sony Picture Classics 1997

Professional Affiliations
American Society of Composers. Authors and Publishers. ASCAP Member since 2003.
Founder of Skrymir Studios - a multi-media production company and publisher of music, films, and videos.
The New American Cinema Group: Film-Makers Cooperative - Presently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Berkeley College of Music, Boston, MA. Studied Composition 1978
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. B.A. Photography 1982
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. 1982-1984
American Society of Continuous Education, Charlestown, WV. Studied Guitar with Robert Fripp 1986-1987
New York University, Tish School of the Arts, New York 1994
Millennium Film Workshop New York, NY Film editing with Alan Berliner. 1993.

Lives and works in New York